Finally Released … a Look a Like Diamond That Fools Even The Most Trained Jeweler!

Finally Released … Celebrity Jeweler Invents Look a Like Diamond That’s Almost Too Good To Believe!

For years jewelers and jewelry lovers have searched for an affordable and high-quality alternative to expensive blood diamonds and over-priced metals that rarely appreciate in value
For years the alternatives were either, cubic zircons that almost always turn colors and look like crap after a few times in the shower or once your makeup gets close to it.
Moissanite which quite frankly is just as expensive as a real diamond.
Or Lab Grown diamonds which is even more expensive than moissanite.
Realizing the options were either
 Cheap crap CZ’s
 Expensive moissanite 
 Or even more expensive Lab grown diamonds
Luciana Rose took her decades of jewelry experience and a little science and created what is widely considered the best diamond alternative for the price.
Unlike a CZ Luciana roses diamond veneer will never turn colors or get cloudy. They will retain their brilliance for years to come just like a real diamond.
And unlike moissanite or lab grown diamonds, Luciana Rose’s diamond veneer stones are actually really affordable, at a price point much closet to a CZ the average person can now have what looks just like a real diamond at the cost of a CZ and they never have to worry about their stone turning cloudy or looking like a cheap pair of earrings.
People cant get enough of Luciana rose’s unique diamond veneer studs, just see some of the 1000’s of reviews we got just this year.

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you’ll never have to worry about buyers’ remorse. You’ll love what we send you or get your money back, additionally if it ever turns colors, we will ship you a new one, even if that happens in 10 years from now, we will ship you a new pair no questions asked.
We know our jewelry lasts forever and were prepared to stand by it forever!
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